Monday, 7 March 2011

Curly kale with pancetta and roasted pine nuts

In our family, what we eat seems to goes in trends. I think that is the same for most people.
You find a recipe or an ingredient that you like, and then you use that about once a week, until you start getting bored of it, and something new tickles your fancy. I suppose the seasons are a big factor to how we eat as well (at least it should be).
At the moment, kale is THE ingredient in the Colgan household. We all love the taste, and as a mum I find it extremely satisfying when my daughters enjoy eating something so nutritious.

Luckily both girls, 4 and 7, quite happily try new foods (not that kale is new by any means..). I like to think that it's because I,ve always fed them what ever me and my husband eats, and never cooked a separate "kiddy meal". I think the danger of starting to cook different meals for different requires (unless health related), is that it will soon be expected to be the norm. And the family kitchen turns into a restaurant where the child is choosing between the usual "yellow dishes" ie fish fingers, chicken nuggets e tc. A child would very rarely (or dare I say, never..) be born with a natural desire to try new foods. We are naturally cautious, and it's up to the adults to introduce the child to the wonderful flavours of different kinds of food. Even if it's just the smallest bite. The pallet will soon get used to a new taste, and enjoy the array of flavours that are on offer. I try to introduce my family to a new flavour every week. And it has actually worked out so well, that we all get quite exited about what to try next.
This is a side dish that I served with pork chops and sweet potato chips at the weekend. It was a hit with the whole family. Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Curly kale with pancetta and roasted pine nuts
  • a hand full of curly kale per person
  • 1 cup of cubed pancetta
  • a hand full of pine nuts
  • black pepper
Start by roasting the pine nuts in a dry pan until slightly golden. Set aside.
Fry the pancetta until crispy, and set aside with the pine nuts.
Place the chopped up kale in the hot pan, stirring occasionally until weltered.
Mix in the pine nuts and pancetta. Season with black pepper. The pancetta will provide the salt.
Enjoy with some white meat, or fish.

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